Paper Light

Talk about great design…check out this Paper Light designed and made by Jeff Lambert.  A brief was set by Habitat to create a cost effective light that was made from a single piece of material.  What makes this such a fantastic design is it’s simplicity of materials and construction that create a strikingly beautiful contemporary design.

The Paper Light is made from a single A1 sheet of card, die cut and creased, a standard light fitting has been used.  The idea is that the Paper light is sold flat and assembled at home with an adhesive strip.

This is a fantastic piece of design, it reduces manufacturing costs, material usage and logistics.  Jeff’s designs takes advantage of cuts and pressing techniques to produce a warm welcoming Paper Light that looks great!

As part of a group Jeff Lambert also designed & produced the ‘Everyday Objects’ design to be used as promotional items for Continental Tyres.  This interesting and curious set of designs utilizes the qualities of rubber via…none other than a rubber band!

The end result was these beautiful beech wood creations that are simple and rely on the rubber band to function.  The fantastic simplicity and quality of the craftsmanship is just fantastic.

You can see more of Jeff Lamberts interesting creations here.


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