Liquorice Allsorts!

 Liquorice Allsorts Jewellery, Necklace.

Chloe Henderson a Jewellery and Metal Design student at the University of Dundee has created these quirky colourful yummy looking Liquorice Allsorts jewellery! Chloe started making the jewellery as a way to unwind after a day hammering away in the workshops.


The colourful jewellery comes in earrings, bracelets and necklaces! The phrase Jewellery Allsorts comes to mind ::P

  Liquorice Allsorts Jewellery – Bracelet


The idea of making Liquorice Allsorts jewellery actually came from Chole’s mum who had recently opened a sweet shop in Edinburgh and suggested that she make some jewellery for the shop and voila! The Candyman Collection was born!

   Liquorice Allsorts Jewellery – Necklace


Chloe choose the popular liquorice because it has varying shapes and colours which help maximise the jewellery’s appeal but also keep a quirky edge!  The cute colourful jewellery certainly is eye catching!  It’s a great way to spend your extra time as a student and make some extra cash!  Pinks, blues and yellows make up these exciting colours – the little blue man in the photo is clearly happy about the jewellery!

Liquorice Allsorts Jewellery – Earring


Chloe makes the jewellery herself from Polymer Clay which is then strung onto strong wire culminating in clear seed beads and golden clasps.  Chloe is selling the jewellery from her website which can be found here.


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