Fashion, Shoes, Clogs and Shiau-Ting Li

Image: Wood Shoes by Shiau-Ting Li




Fashion, Shoes, Clogs and Shiau-Ting Li, we spotted these fabulous shoes at Young Designers Exhibition in Taipei and had to share them with everyone!  Shiau-Ting Li is a graduate of the National Hsinchu University of Education where she studied Art and Design and has created these absolutely fantastic shoes that are made from a selection of natural materials and have been inspired by Dutch Clogs.  Li has taken the traditional Dutch Clog and crafted a new style using rustic leather, rivets and high quality woods to create a stunning organic looking shoe!

Image: Shoe Contrasting white and deep blue leather with
beech, walnut, palisander wood held together with rivets and stitching.

Shiau-Ting Li is a hands on designer maker, her major was in woodwork but she also enjoys working with metal.  Li loves working with a combination of materials as she finds different textures, tones, and surfaces create beautiful and interesting designs.

Image: Shoe Detail of the WOOD SHOES

Li’s designs are handmade using simple natural materials, she hopes that her designs with their organic aesthetic can influence people to think about the world we live in and respect its natural beauty.


‘I hope to motivate people to respect the world we live in, our beautiful and wonderful world.’   Shiau-Ting Li

 Imagine: Wood Shoes by Shiau-Ting Li

Li has named the shoes Track – ”a mark left by something that has passed along”, she uses this word to describe the spirit of life and the connection between footprint and shoe. This simple but poetic name highlights the design and the makers emotional connection to the environment, it truly is fantastic work and we hope to see more of Shiau-Ting Li work in the future!


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