Anyone for Coffee?

English Walnut & Concrete Coffee Table by Peter Kindt.


Anyone for Coffee?


While on the hunt for fantastic new talented Designers and Makers we came across Peter Kindt and his amazing concrete and wood coffee table!  Peter is based in south Somerset and is a hands on maker believing in long lasting creations that can be kept for generations.


The smooth warm elegant finish of the English Walnut being contrasted with the cold, hard concrete creates a fantastic looking piece of furniture!


The concrete sections of this table are naturally white – not painted, to achieve this natural white finish snowcrete (a white cement) and pure white quartz sand were use to create this fantastic effect. The white concrete softens its impact on the table but the rugged edges of the concrete add a nice dimension to this table.

English Walnut & Concrete Coffee Table by Peter Kindt.


The appearance of the coffee table looks simple but its construction involved reinforcing the concrete with glassfibre to ensure strength and flexibility, finger joints  have been used to join the legs of the table together while creating contrasting textures of the wood.

English Walnut & Concrete Coffee Table – rugged edges.


From viewing Kindt’s work it is easy to see that he is influenced by the rawness of materials, the wood is exposed so that the grain can be seen, the concrete isn’t polished and any imperfections add to the uniqueness of this beautiful table.




Not just another TV stand!


Kindt’s work also includes this fantastic AV Stand called the Arc AV Unit.

Arc AV Unit by Peter Kindt


Embracing the clean linear lines of contemporary design and blending them with the natural tones of wood to create a beautiful and functional TV stand.  This unit uses the striped nature of the plywood to accentuate the curved design.  These are fantastic examples of a hard wearing, timeless pieces of furniture that is durable.  If you are interested in knowing more about these pieces or are looking for a one of piece check out Peter Kindt’s website.


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