The Rag and Bone Workshop by Martin Campbell

The Rag and Bone Workshop by Martin Campbell is a wacky, exciting, fun, wild and brilliant series of events!!


Martin is a Glasgow Based designer maker, he graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 and since then he has been quite the busy bee!  Martin has exhibited in London, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh and his home town Glasgow.  Martin has been running regular Rag and Bone Workshops throughout the country since he graduated which helps fuel his creative spirit and also opens up opportunities for collaborations and community projects.

People making, cutting and sticking things together!


Martin is a very sociable designer maker and loves being involved with the public, working with people directly ensures that what he is doing is enjoyed by people and gives his events and creations relevance.  Martins main outlet of getting involved with people is through his Rag and Bone Workshop which creates a liberating environment where people can make, play, experiment and simply flex their creative muscles!

Rag and Bone Workshop example – Chair


Martin has a fantastic creative style which he promotes at his events, rough, improvised, hands-on making skills which creates an end result that is fantastic looking!  By applying this technique Martin can quickly make wonderful and functional creations such as this Rag and Bone Workshop chair!

Ah! We are sure you remember this image – this was our teaser image during the week.


This is just one creation that can be made using a special material called caprolactone wax, this material allows Martin to make objects very quickly as well as change the colour, density and shape – there are hundreds of options available when working with this material.

Rag and Bone Workshop example.


Another fantastic quick creation, Martins philosophy is that rough improvised design can make beautiful objects.  This table has been quickly and roughly meshed together using different parts, in a matter of minutes Martin is able to create objects by using what he has around him.  Caprolactone wax  has been used to join two bricks together and has also been coloured using yellow food colouring.  There are no measuring tapes or high tech instruments in Martins Workshop, it is simply cut, shape and make!


Rag and Bone Workshop demonstration.

A demonstration by Martin on how to use caprolactone wax and its different applications, this is at one of Martins Rag and Bone Workshop events.

Rag and Bone Workshop: Makers getting stuck in!


As can be seen from the image above The Rage and Bone Workshops are all about diving in and getting stuck in! It’s about creating great objects by using what you have around you and as you can see there is no hesitation at his events.  It’s a fantastic way to spend your time!


The Rag and Bone Workshop has an event coming up for soon on the 8th July at the Lighthouse in Glasgow where you can cut, shape and make! Pinso will be attending!


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