Plea to the Past

A Plea to the Past, this rough, worn and ancient looking object is in fact made from glass quite recently by Shaun Fraser, Glass Sculptor.  Shaun has created this ancient and iconic looking piece, it appears to be a weathered object that has suffered many years of neglect but in fact every edge, every angle and every texture has been deliberately  and intentionally made by Shuan himself to reflect the harsh history experienced in the Scottish Highlands.

Shaun’s inspiration and development of his project has deep rooted emotional connections with his work and what it portrays.  The work he creates displays stressed objects, objects that appear to have a history written into there very fabric, Shaun’s deliberate scarring of the surface tells a story of the cold and sometimes cruel realities of the Highlands and Islands past.

The Glass Sculptures capture very real elements of a weathered past such as the indication of vegetation, earth, surface scarring with an almost hidden text deeply engraved across the glass surface.

Shaun’s work is stunning, he has managed to capture moments in history through a hand formed piece of glass.  Viewing the piece in a natural setting as seen in the images is fitting to its environment which brings into question should it be placed in an exhibition or should it be left in a natural environment for people to discover and connect with.  Its a great piece of art by Shaun Fraser.


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