Mechanics Vs Apple!

Edinburgh College of Art Graduate of 2012 Austin Yang a Taiwanese designer has created some awesome accessories for the ipad and iphone!  Austin’s designs see him moving away from digital inputs and smart materials to a vintage adaptation of the classic typewriter and turntable!  The method behind his thinking was to give people back the tactile quality experienced when using mechanical equipment, by adding a modern technology he is preserving the spirit of the industrial age.
The image above shows the typewrite and ipad, you simply use the typewriter as you would normally by pressing the mechanical keys downward that then creates movement through the typewriter and allowing the pads to gently touch the ipads screen allowing you to write a text message or email in an old timey way!

An unusual sight! This high tech Apple product being turned into a vintage gismo!

For the DJ’s and lovers of those retro turntables that you may have seen in That 70’s Show, here is a modern adaptation of an old turntable.  Austin Yang replaced the LP for the turntable with the iphone as the median for playing music and so it allows you to play music from your digital music storage through an analogue piece of equipment.  The wooden casing contrasts nicely with modern elements of the iphone, this creation allows you to keep your vintage lifestyle without the constraints of out dated technology!

Austin’s creations have hints of the Steampunk movement in it but with features that show that it is not just celebrating an industrial age it is keeping it alive by allowing people to experience it and live in part some of the industrial age lifestyle!  Good job Austin!




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