Journey Through Cities by Cristina Zani

My Seoul Necklace. Photography by Aga Tarnowska.

Jewellery Designer and Maker Cristina Zani has created a fantastic collection of contemporary organic looking jewellery.  Zani’s jewellery is unique and beautiful!  Cristina Zani approaches the creation of her work in the same way she would compose a story and is inspired by literature, semiotics, travel, architecture, colours, textures and materials.

‘I approach the creation of my jewellery in the same way I would compose a story.’ – Zani

Infinite Maps Madrid Necklace. Photography by Aga Tarnowska.

Zani’s broad inspiration and creative approaches to design can be seen throughout the design and making of her work.  Her inspirations are elegantly fused into the design which can be seen with the different use of materials and combinations that are created.

My Seoul Red Double Ring. Photography by Livio Morabito.

Sharp linear lines are contrasted with blunt organic edges, vivid colours contrasted with natural tones create an exciting collection of unique and beautiful designs.  Cristina Zani describes her works as a Journey Through Cities which explains Zani’s fascination with travel, architecture, colours, textures and materials.  This latest collection is inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel, Invisible Cities and is a reflection on the urban environment and the concept of invisibility 


Zani’s inspirations can be seen in her work from the small details to the linear tracks.  I am sure we will see more fantastic work from Cristina Zani in the future! This collection will be exhibited at New Designers in London at the end of June – that’s this week everyone!

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