Chocolate IS the answer!

Fully assembled Chocofix models.

Mmmmm chocolate…here we are introducing a chocolate craft which is the creation of Ivan Hsieh!  These cute chocolate creations made in the shape of a Henry the Hoover cleaner, washing up liquid bottle and headphones are in fact delivering a message!  That message is to flatmates, Ivan’s research indicates that 30% of people living in shared accommodation are unhappy with their flatmates because they don’t vacuum, they don’t do the washing and they play their music too loudly but are in fact to shy to confront them!

Image of the Chocofix models.

Ivan’s design is inspired by Airfix the scale model company that produces model planes, ships, military vehicles etc.  Ivan named this project – Chocofix, a combination of chocolate and Airfix! The idea behind Chocofix is that you would give your ‘lazy’ flatmate one of the Chocofix models that symbolize what it is that they are doing that is annoying, for example – the Henry the Hoover if they don’t vacuum.  Its hoped that the recipient would build the model and on completion have a sudden realization that this model represents the annoying things that they do in the flat and then they would scoff the chocolate as reward and hopefully do some vacuuming up!

 Chocofix washing up liquid bottle in frame.

Its a nice idea and nice way to confront a noisy and messy flatmate.  Counter their attack with some chocolate! Who would have thought that the answer to unwanted noise and mess was chocolate.

Do you want to see more images? Checkout Chocofix and Ivan Hsieh Creations at Pinso on Pinterest! and remember to say hello on Twitter!




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