Alice in Punk Land by Kumiko Takeda

Pinso is happy to introduce Kumiko Takeda! A Tokyo born designer maker!


Kumiko is a very talented designer maker that has an array of skills and experiences.  While studying Textile Design at Tama Art University Kumiko became involved in costume design when she was talent spotted during her third year talent show by theatre producers.  This was the beginning of Kumiko’s costume design career.  Kumiko then moved to London to further her studies in costume design at London College of Fashion.  Kumiko has since worked as an assistant to international artist Lucy Orta, with theatre designer Dick Bird, and has created a collection for fashion designer Walid Al Damirji.  Kumiko’s work has featured in Joseph, performances at The Globe Theatre, Barbican Theatre, the Nottinghill Carnival, Aldeburgh Music Carnival, and many other productions.


Luckily we have some of Kumikos work here at Pinso! Check out the images below!

Kumiko flexed her creative talent for a project that she did for TONI&GUY hair salon, these costumes where made for top stylist Ryuta Saiga! a Punk version of Alice and Wonderland…Alice in Punk Land.  Kumiko designed the costumes for the four main characters Alice, the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and the Queen.  What a fantastic project to work on and the work looks great!!

Kumiko has great skill at blending colours, patterns and textures as can be seen throughout her work, she knows how to create a perfect harmony of materials to create a fantastic look to capture moments of magic! Compare Kumiko’s work above and below and see how versatile she can be at creating dramatic costumes!

Another great project is Carmilla, Carmilla is a gothic novel by Josseph Sheridan Le Fanu. First published in 1872, it tells the story of a young woman’s susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla.  The textures, colours, tones and highlights created in the costumes make a deep dark look to these creations!  Kumiko wanted to emphases certain elements in a Vampires characteristics.

Kumiko Takeda – “I wanted to show Vampire’s solitude yet aesthetic side.

Pierrot Lunaire, Kumiko’s first solo exhibition and it looks great!  The inspiration of her project came from Pierro Lunaire, Op.21 composed by Arnold Scoenberg based on the poem by Albert Giraud.  This is a particularly strong inspiration as it involves love, violence and nostalgia.  Kumiko designed, made and carefully choose the textiles for each character to project a dark, melancholic yet powerful world!

The Pierrot Lunaire Collection by Kumiko is a very powerful visual representation, the bold colours, varying textures and different shapes create a fascinating dark and almost cruel perception.


You can see more of Kumiko’s great work on Facebook and Pinterest!


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