Tune-Tune, Ensemble Chair by Jo-Yun Wang

Jo-Yun Wang, a UK based Taiwanese designer has created some inspirational designs that really connect with the user.

 Jo-Yun created Tune-Tune an interactive stool that sings to its users through the movement of the user.  Tune-Tune produces two different melodies depending on the direction in which the stool is rotated, by creating music through movement adds excitement and fun to the design thus creating many happy children.


I imagine all products to be living objects, objects that can be spoken to, reacted to, objects that have a memory and live in harmony with us – Jo-Yun Wang


Following the same theme she also made the Ensemble Music Chair which produces music through specially designed caster wheels.  The swivel chair is designed for children to use while doing homework or in some ‘formal’ setting.  The Ensemble Chair works through specialized design caster wheels and when the child moves around on the chair music is played from the caster wheels.

Viewing the caster wheels closer you can see the precise detail and care that has been taken to craft these beautiful objects.

From what we have been told at Pinso she is working on some new designs! Can’t wait to see them!


Check out Jo’s website http://www.jo-yun.com/



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